Quest Composite Technology Corporation is based in Tangxia Town, Dongguan City bordering Shenzhen City and within a short commute of Hong Kong. Production first started in May of 2007. Our manufacturing operations includes a 165,000 square foot facility with an additional 16,000 square feet of office space with an investment of 50, 000, 000USD into our facilities. Quest manufactures products including baseball bats, bicycle frames, components, eyewear and wheelchairs that are shipped across the world including USA, Germany, Canada, and Japan. The policies that drive Quest are based on the needs of its employees, fulfilling commitments to its customers, and the continuous innovation of manufacturing equipment and software.

Our Mission:
To improve our life with composites

Our Visions:
To be the leader in composite technology and to satisfy customers’ needs through excellent experience.

Our Values:
We put our customers at the center of what we do.
We value, challenge and reward our people.
We drive excellent sustainable company performance.
We are committed to leadership in composite technology.
We are dedicated to manufacturing based on craftsmanship spirit.

  1. Quest offers a highly competitive salary, benefits, and career growth opportunities when compared to industry standards.
  2. Quest offers systematic training courses to develop its employees' expertise in their career. This translates to improved employee satisfaction and helps drive company growth.
  3. Quest offers career opportunities and promotions based strictly on performance and potential of the individual. Long time employees have no advantage over new employees in this regard.
  4. Planned monthly activities to help employee morale.
  5. Annual Chinese New Year bonus, along with year-end profit sharing for all employees.
  6. Insurance plan that ensures our employees have best care & protection possible with social insurance, group and accident insurance.
  7. Holiday Package that includes sick leave, personal leave, wedding leave, maternity leave, physiological leave, paternity leave, funeral leave and personal vacation.In addition we also embrace local holidays; Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival, Chinese New Year. The source of these benefits is from the company sales and payroll contributions.
  8. Small gifts are given to employees to help celebrate various Chinese holidays.
  9. Other benefits as mandated by the Chinese governments are provided to Quest's employees.
  1. Integrity in all Quest does.
  2. A strong emphasis on providing the best carbon fiber manufacturing services to our customers.
  3. Unrestrained services - Quest is looking for opporunties all over the world.
  4. Focus on sustainable growth.
  5. Quest views its clients as partners in their business model.
  6. Our production processes are centered around producing quality products.
  7. Encourage innovation and continuous improvements at all levels of the company.
  8. Build a working atmosphere that is both challenging and rewarding to all involved.
  9. Establish an open management system.
  10. Giving back to society.